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Wild Dog Safaris - Windhoek ,Namibie

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Wild Dog Safaris was founded by Allan and Liz Kirby in 1997. The early days were considered as an adventure rather than a fully fledged business. The clients that travelled with these “Old Dogs” could see this and immediately became part of the pack. As the years have passed, the Company has grown in size and from strength to strength, forming and  maintaining relationships with all its clients globally. The safari style Wild Dog Safaris initiated in the early years, has not changed that much. It has been its trademark and survives still in today’s competitive world. There is a certain romantic sense around it – climbing into a safari truck in your shorts, T-Shirt and sandals and surviving days of sun, dunes and wildlife. The initial anticipation and eventual emotions of meeting new people and the guides are all part of the excitement. New found friendships that will last a lifetime and the endless memories of images and adventure that this great country of Namibia will leave you. In April 2007 Allan Kirby was doing what he loved best, guiding a safari.   However, the vehicle Allan was travelling in was involved in an accident.  Allan broke his arm badly and was transferred to a Windhoek hospital where he underwent an operation to wire his elbow.  The operation went well and Allan was looking forward to leaving hospital in the next few days.  Then, early in the morning of 15 April, Allan suffered from an ” embolism”.  Some bone marrow from his arm managed to make its way into his system and Allan passed away, very quickly, and we are told, with no pain or suffering. Allan is very much missed by us all but his passion lives on within us and we are proud to be running his safari company and giving so many people a chance to see Namibia the way Allan loved it best. The community that Wild Dog Safaris created years ago is still very much intact, but has just evolved and grown and can now through the internet media, share all its news and updates and in turn receive news from its own community. Wild Dog Safaris is here to stay and welcomes you all to join in on the great adventure.

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