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AfroAid Tours & Volunteering
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AfroAid Tours & Volunteering - Arusha ,Tanzanie

Inscrit depuis February 3rd, 2020

The Afro Aid Tours & Volunteering Company is a Tanzania-based tourists company limited, owned and operated by native Tanzanians. Over the past four years Afro Aid Tours & Volunteering Company has rapidly grown and service numerous numbers of tourists who are keen in learning and understanding the natural environment of Tanzania and East Africa in general, Afro Aid Tours & Volunteering is the first Tanzanian company established to organize voluntary work, teacher exchange and practical training /internship and Elective studies all over the country .The company also arrange safaris, mountain climbing and all kinds of trips in Tanzania ATV is the world’s most affordable and trusted volunteer company which offer you high quality and reliable service with affordable price .ATV has a range of volunteer abroad project available in Tanzania Including teaching ,child care, HIV/AIDS support and medical care services, NGO’s. ATV is registered on 2017 in Tanzania with Registration number 133083   

Location: Arusha,Tanzania
Langues Proposées: English
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