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Point Africa Safaris - Arusha ,Tanzanie

Inscrit depuis March 28th, 2020

Point Africa Safaris™  is one of the Africa’s leading adventure specialists with a great reliability and a deep understanding of Western culture and needs. Point Africa Safaris™ established by the team of professional safaris and mountain experts to customize authentic and the most exceptional personalized services at an affordable budget from Mountain climbing, Adventurous Safari and Beach Holidays. We have the local knowledge, the expertise to create an authentic cultural experience based on our local knowledge from the origin life as we live and work here. For true narrations from our lovely ancestors that blends our Tanzanian sensibilities with deep understanding of Africa, that will make all the differences on your tailored made safaris. When you book a trip with us, you connect directly with a team of professional guides who are hundred percent aware with the destination you’re going to choose. ​We can customize a trip for you or a group of friends or a family for the authentic local experience because we are born and raised the African ways!  

Location: Arusha,Tanzania
Langues Proposées: English
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