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Sirikwa Travel - moshi ,Tanzanie

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Sirikwa Travel is a locally owned and operated tour company, authorized by the Ministry of Tourism under the Government of Tanzania. Our company excels at planning and executing your adventure holidays. We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet your specialized needs, including last minute arrangements. Our African favorite destinations include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, Wildlife Safari in Tanzania and Kenya, Cultural Tourism, and Zanzibar Beach Holidays.  We also offer unique day trips if you have extra travel time built into your holiday schedule. Sirikwa Travel is run by a group of highly experienced, innovative, and dynamic professionals that have literally grown up in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Our long experience specializing in Tanzania means that we know our beautiful country inside and out so that we can offer our guests the most enticing selection of handpicked safaris and adventures with the best guides and most experienced porters. Our travel consultants and guides converse easily in English, as they have been educated at local colleges in all aspects of adventure tourism.  Many of our mountain guides started as porters before attending college to obtain guide certification.  They know the local terrain, cherish nature, and love the challenge of a summit.  Most of our guides have seen at least a dozen sunrises from the summit of Kilimanjaro and they look forward to sharing that unique experience with you.  We challenge ourselves to exceed the expectations of our guests and to welcome any kind of trekker, explorer, mountaineer, geologist, earth scientist, or casual tourist looking for adventure and an immersive cultural experience. Together with our guests, the Sirikwa team has made a significant contribution to Tanzania’s tourism industry by delivering a service that extends beyond normal standards. We are an active member of the Kilimanjaro Association of Tour Operators (KIATO) and the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB).

Location: Moshi,Tanzania
Langues Proposées: English
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