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Ucomeafrik a provides tour guide and travel services in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and other west African countries.We plan and provide tour guide services and also assist with hotel reservation, transportation, flight tickets, tour packages and visa assistance service to its international and domestic tourist-travelers.Ucomeafrik TOURS coordinates and organizes tours for organisations, individuals, couples, families, school trips, and corporate groups to holiday destinations in Africa.Our tours include medical research tours, historical tours, adventure tours, wildlife safari tours, cultural exchange tours, pleasure and romance tours, city tours, nature tours, custom maid tours, and business tours. With the business tour we  assist companies seeking out great business  destinations within the African continent for business development, seminars and training programs. Ucomeafrik TOURS  gives you the best and expert guide on your next tour experience in africa; Tour destinations countries:Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, ivory coast, togo, benin, Chad, Niger. With an experience living across borders of the west African coast ( Ghana, Nigeria, Togo etc), gives Ucomeafrik TOURS AND Evans  a  pedigree in personal /private tour guide services. Ucomeafrik TOURS  have  all it takes to make your next visit to  Africa  ( Nigeria, Togo, Ghana etc and a wonderful experience. OUR dealings  with  tourists and volunteers over the years have given us competence in the execution of tasks.

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