2- days tarangire & ngorongoro tanzania safari

2 Heures | Arusha, Tanzanie
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Cette excursion de deux jours dans le parc national de Tarangire et le cratère du Ngorongoro en Tanzanie offre une multitude d'expériences mémorables en peu de temps. La visite en vol Safari vous permet d'explorer l'une des sept merveilles naturelles de l'Afrique - le cratère du Ngorongoro et le parc national de Tarangire qui abrite de nombreuses espèces de végétation et d'animaux.

Tarangire est connue pour ses interminables plaines de savane et ses immenses troupeaux d'éléphants. Vous découvrirez les tristement célèbres Big Five et vous émerveillerez devant le paysage colossal du cratère du Ngorongoro.

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DAY 1 - Moshi / Arusha – Tarangire N.Park
Tarangire National Park

>>> We will depart for Tarangire National Park early in the morning. Once we arrive in Tarangire we will begin exploring the enormous termite mounds and the ancient baobab trees. This park is renowned for its diverse bird species and extensive population of elephants.

There are regular sightings of ferocious lions, giraffes, warthogs, ostriches, impalas, cheetah, mongoose, buffaloes, and mischievous baboons. After viewing the wildlife in Tarangire we will continue our journey to our next highlight the Ngorongoro Crater and Close to Lake Manyara. Dinner and Overnight. Meals Provided: Lunch & Dinner
DAY 2 - Ngorongoro N.Park game drive - Arusha/Moshi
Ngorongoro National Park
>>> We will have an early start to the day to ensure that we complete the itinerary for the day which includes a magnificent game drive with a picnic lunch in the crater. Animals infrequently migrate in and out of the crater due to its elevated walls. This means you are capable of spotting every member of the big five in one day. The big five comprises buffalo, elephants, rhinos, lions, and leopards. Some of the other wildlife that you can expect to see include zebras, hippo, wildebeests, and hyenas. The craters also feature an extensive bird population including geese, storks, and vultures.You will be graced by the lovely flamingos on Soda Lake. Our guides are highly skilled and will impress you with their ability to track down animals. This is a skill that a book cannot teach you and that a selected few can perform. Your trip will come to an end in the late afternoon and we will proceed to Arusha. Meals Provided: Breakfast and Lunch

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