City and Village Guided Tour

7 Heures | Harare, Zimbabwe
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Our itenerary will intial take you to Mbare Musika a bustling african market and Zimbabwe's old township.A visit to Chapungu art gallery where you can see world famous sculptors at work and art pieces on display,Art gallery which show cases finest Zimbabwe art,Harare cathedral which is an architectural marvel,Newlands art market,a visit to one of Zimbabwe's upmarket shopping mall with world class shops and restaurants that cater for different cuisine where you can wine and dine at your pace,Mukuvisi woodlands an excellent example of wildlife management in an urban area where you can view all sorts of different animal in a nutural environment either on foot or on horseback,several animal sanctuaries or ophanages around Harare,a visit to one of Harare's townships to expirience and mingling with the locsl and have a taste of the local traditional meals,Mereki Park a huge outdoor braai/ barbecue joint were again interact with the locals over a cold beer.The list is endless.
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Visitors should exercise caution with their valuables especially outside of hotel environment.wallets,cameras and mobile phones should not be displayed carelessly and avoid crowded places.Harare is notorious for its pirate taxis who dont observe road rules so this should be avoided at all cost.They is a shortage of money so make sure you bring a bit of cash in small notes like one dollar bills US dollar is widely used and dont be attempted to change money on the informal money changers although they offer good rates its not safe. credit cards are wildly accepted in shops and hotels but its wise to have a bit of case locked away in safe. Atm exist but they not dispensing money at the moment.

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We pick and drop from Airport or Hotel.

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Zimbabwe Odyssey

Zimbabwe Odyssey

Zimbabwe Odyssey is a tour company based in Harare specialising in guided tours to all fascinating places in Zimbabwe.We specialise in City and Village guided tours that will take you to amazing places in and around Harare that includes game parks,animal

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