5-Day Gorillas, Lions and Water Safari in Uganda

5 Jours
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Le suivi des gorilles de montagne dans la forêt de Bwindi est associé à un safari animalier dans le parc national de la Reine Elizabeth afin de créer un mélange parfait entre nature et émotion. Il est organisé avec des pavillons de confort de milieu de gamme. Ceci est un court voyage parfait pour découvrir la beauté des paysages de l’Ouganda tout en embrassant sa tranquillité.

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This tour is not available to solo travelers.

Rates are per person and exclude the international flight from/to your home country.

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Wild Jungle Trails Ltd Specializes in gorilla tracking and wildlife safaris ranging from domestic to International comfort tours ending in Rwanda, long and short excursions tailored to suite the needs of our clients, Wild Jungle Trails  Ltd ensure to give you the Ultimate safari experience that is a lifetime memory.
To this end we employ experienced guides whose knowledge and expertise will help you to become intimately acquainted with the splendor and mystery that are the hallmarks of Uganda. 

Each Safari is led by a driver / guide who is fluent in English with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects in animal spotting, identification and behavior.
Our experience enables us to offer the most diverse selection of Safaris available including Gorilla Tracking Safaris, Wildlife Adventures, Birding safaris, mountain treks and our specialty lies in designing your dream holiday with unique itineraries to meet your every need. 

Wild Jungle Trails Ltd Staff 
All our Safari Guides are field trained, experienced and keen to meet your every wish. Distinctive in their smart uniforms, they will always greet you with a smile.
All our driver guides are specialists in their own way. Some specialize in ornithology, others in ecology and animal behavior, but all have an excellent general knowledge of the National Parks and the animal kingdom. They are always successful in their aim of getting you safely and happily to the summit under their professional licenses. 

Wild Jungle Trails Ltd Vehicles
Our fleet of 4-wd safari equipped vehicles includes Toyota Land Cruisers and Safaris Vans. Each safari vehicle is specially equipped.

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